Detail Oriented

Surely you have heard this before as well but nothing can be truer or more important. While we're taught not to sweat the small stuff, the small stuff can make or break your project. If someone doesn't think of the tiny details and catch them along the planning and construction process, in most cases it's too late and too costly to change them. All of your best-laid plans and years of collecting ideas come down to having someone on site you can trust to handle the smallest of details. The one time you don't and one small detail is missed, it makes you feel sick about all of the money you just spent on your project. If you can get past the structural hiccups, then comes the decorative phase and the same rules apply here.  You want to invest in the correct furnishings and decoratives that work for the actual space as well as your lifestyle and make it uniquely yours. What separates a basic contractor grade job from a custom design job is all in the details.