Go With Your Instincts

Just as I listen to the space itself, I listen to the client and their desires and lifestyles. Before you act, your lifestyle and overall style may have changed over the years. Keep it fresh. Don't feel trapped by what everyone else is doing or buying based on the trends. Feel free to be original. Go with your gut. Observe how it flows in addition to the original use if it was a historical space, but modernize it for everyday life. Just as you repurpose items you love with sentimental value, antique or architectural value for other purposes you can do it within a house. If you don't need a formal dining room or living room, don't feel trapped into creating one and never using it. Make the house, work for you but don't customize it to the level no one else would ever buy it if you are planning to move and sell it. Let the home speak to you and your needs. You will discover what it needs to be.