About the Tone

Have you ever said you don't like color? Don't like a particular color? Just like a voice, it's all in the tone. Even a white palette has color. There are pink, blue, yellow, and grey tone whites and the list goes on. Remember when I said there was too much to talk about in one tip with THE REFLECTIVE FACTOR? Well, that brings me back to my point. Do you even really know what color is? Did you take an art class? Learning about the reflection of color and the absence and or absorption of color? In most cases people don't dislike a particular color, it's the tone, intensity or saturation point. You can mix colors and percentages of pigments to make a custom color just for you. Every house is different. Based on the amount of natural light or lack thereof, it's always best to do a test patch and see if you like the full intensity or want to go lighter or mix it. It will look different on a sunny day versus a gloomy day or at different times of the day. If color is too much for you, you can also opt to do an accent wall for a punch of drama and leave the rest of your house or room subdued. Paint is a quick and easy change with a dramatic effect. 

Tanga Winstead