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About tanga winstead

Design and Style

With over 15 years of design experience, after living in multiple states throughout the south, from the farm to the big city in London, Tanga has developed a keen eye for design details even though it was always present from an early age. Always observant, with an innate sense of style and ability to bring people's taste to life. "I love to work with people and get to know them on a personal level to discover their unique taste and lifestyle. It all comes down to the details. I think of myself as a visionary and a tastemaker who is always inspired by the things around me. I am always on and looking for a way to make something creative even more innovative. It should be about the client and what works for them. My job is to make it all come together as seamlessly as possible." Find out more


“I am a perfectionist at heart and seek to bring out the character in each project.”

– Tanga Winstead 



Interested in redesigning your home or commercial space?

Tanga Winstead provides a comprehensive set of design services that give any area the professional elegance you need. Whether you’re performing an entire renovation from scratch or just need a little extra help with the details, Tanga is with you every step of your journey.

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Space planning

In order to best utilize your space and make sure its form is perfectly matched to its function, Tanga performs detailed space planning at the outset of each project.

color consultation

Set the tone of your space with the right color scheme. Tanga combines her expert knowledge with your individual tastes and needs to find the ideal colors for your space.


Effective organization is more than just installing shelves. Tanga improves your organizational techniques by utilizing every inch of both your interior and exterior spaces.


Every home or commercial renovation requires a designer’s eye. Tanga guides you through your renovation process and works with you and your builders to create a unique and welcoming space.