Every service that Tanga Winstead provides is tailored to your needs. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just need help with the details, Tanga uses her professional expertise to create a special space just for you.

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Space Planning

In order to best utilize your space and make sure its form is perfectly matched to its function, Tanga performs detailed space planning at the outset of each project.




Every home or commercial renovation requires a designer’s eye. Tanga guides you through your renovation process and works with you and your builders to create a unique and welcoming space.


Color Consultation

Set the tone of your space with the right color scheme. Tanga combines her expert knowledge with your individual tastes and needs to find the ideal colors for your space.



Proper lighting allows you to maximize your interior and highlight the elegant features of your home or commercial space. Whether you’re lighting inside or outside, Tanga brings your space to life.




Make the most of your investment in lighting, appliances, and other long-term fixtures by consulting with an expert. Tanga balances your personal style with functional and fashionable longevity.




Flooring can help define a space or it can be the statement piece of a room. Tanga helps to choose floors that give each room its own mood and feel.



Art Consultation

Whether your space is commercial or residential, artwork is critical to establishing the right emotion and aesthetic. Tanga is here to help every step of the way, from consultation to delivery.



Custom Window Treatments

Each room utilizes light differently. With custom window treatments, Tanga can create accent pieces that make your windows really pop.



One-of-a-kind Furniture Procurement

With her selective network of esteemed vendors and specialty furniture makers, Tanga is able to secure furniture that not only fits your aesthetic, but is truly one of a kind.



Effective organization is more than just installing shelves. Tanga improves your organizational techniques by utilizing every inch of both your interior and exterior spaces.


Seasonal Decor

From holidays to each of the four seasons, Tanga helps you update your space with decor that matches your style and reflects the changes of the season.

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Event Design

Planning an event but don’t know where to start? Strategic event design is crucial in making sure your party or get-together runs smoothly.


Need help selling your home? Tanga offers home staging to bring out the best of your home, so you can attract buyers and increase the value of your house.


Personal Shopping

Some people need help just getting started. Let Tanga be your personal shopper so you can get everything you need to create a beautiful space.